First impressions are a big deal. Arguably, there’s no bigger deal than the first impression a company gives. Your company is more than just a website or voice on the phone. It likely has a physical presence and the first time a client sets foot in your office, or the first employee to enter the office and start work, a tone is instantly set.

When it comes to your staff a clean workplace is hygienic, and the end result is lower occurrences of employees calling out sick. More importantly, a clean workplace can affect morale in subtle ways. It’s possible that your people spend up to and beyond 8 hours a day at work, and they might be spending more time there then at home with family and friends. A dirty office or workspace tells your staff you don’t appreciate their labor enough to provide a great place for them to do their job.

When it comes to clients and partners, a clean workplace can speak volumes. Imagine a group arriving for an important meeting. As they enter, they notice stains on the floor. Dirty desks. Dust collecting in corners and on surfaces. The message sent is that your business is comfortable with cutting corners and not going the distance, and it couldn’t be clearer if you screamed it in their faces.

Your workspace needs to look its best, and Custom Maid Services is the preferred company to make that happen. With over a decade in business and a staff committed to catching the details, making your company shine for visitors and employees is what we do. With pricing that’s reasonable and competitive, we think you’ll immediately see the value. For a free quote, contact us today.