In theory, home improvement is wonderful. You can alter a space in your home, add on another room entirely, the only limitation is your creativity. In fact, home improvement, while still wonderful, is also incredibly messy. Dust and dirt gets everywhere. Debris piles up. You get to learn what it’s like to live inside a construction site.

Once your project is over, there’s only one thing standing in the way of you and your enjoyment of the completed space, and that’s the clean-up. You might not have the proper supplies and equipment to give your home the scrubbing it needs. You also might not be able to dedicate the time to the project. To save yourself time and aggravation, contact the professionals.

For over a decade, Custom Maid Services has been the preferred choice for post-construction cleaning. Our team of licensed and insured cleaning pros is ready to handle any mess, no matter the size or complexity. If you handled the work yourself and there’s a minor mess, we can do that. If you had contractors at your home for a few days, we can do that, too. And if your project was lengthy and the mess is intense, we’ll handle it.

For post-construction clean-up jobs, we handle things like minor debris removal, cleaning around and under hard to reach areas, floors mopped and swept, and wall washing. The end result is a space that’s sparkling clean and ready for you to fully enjoy. For more information or to schedule service, contact us today!