Imagine the first time you walked into your home. You wandered through empty rooms, and with either a camera or your mind’s eye, you considered where furniture, decorations, and accessories would be placed. By doing that, you harnessed the potential of the areas and transformed it into a reflection of yourself. A home.

After that, life went on. You’ve gotten everything just where you want it, and you’ve created an atmosphere that’s welcoming and relaxing. But that atmosphere needs to be maintained, and that happens through cleaning. With family, friends, and a career, do you have the time to not only clean your home, but also restore it to its ideal condition?

Your home is your castle, and when it looks its best, you’ll feel your best. Custom Maid Services understands that, and we make precisely that happen every day we’re on the job. First, we’ll consult with you and determine your needs. If you need particular rooms, certain places, or your entire home cleaned, we’ll do just that. We also only use green cleaning products, so you can be certain that kids and pets will stay safe.

A sizeable amount of our client base comes from referrals. As a way to thank our loyal customers, we offer a 20% discount for referrals. When you refer 5 other friends or family members to us, your next cleaning will be absolutely free. We’ve also made it a point to charge rates that are both fair and highly competitive. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.